ICT Solutions

That our company is honored to provide services to you in the field of information and communication Technology, security systems, and surveillance solutions in the following:
• Supply and maintenance of computers, printers, scanners

• The supply of inks or Toners for printers, faxes, photocopying machines
• The supply, design, installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networking kits from:

Switches, Cables UTP and Fiber Optic, Faceplates, Patch Panels, Racks, Access Points, Routers, Network Products …
• Supply, installation, maintenance of CCTV and IP surveillance cameras, DVR & NVR
• The design and supply software necessary for the operation and routine maintenance
• Supply, installation and maintenance of audio circuits
• Supply and installation and maintenance of internal PABX and Faxes
• Providing Internet service either by telephone or satellite or 3G
• Supply and installation fingerprint and attendance and security gates devices
• Supply and installation GSM Repeater Systems